Social crowdfunding academy


The Crowdfunding market - Lecture
The 4 types Crowdfunding - Lecture
Social Crowdfunding: successfull cases - Lecture
How to plan a Crowdfunding campaign - Team Work

strategies of digital marketing

Anatomy of a landing page - Lecture
From attraction to conversion - Lecture
A/B test to optimise conversation - Lecture
Creation of a landing page - Team Work

email marketing automation

Introduction to email marketing - Lecture
How to build an e-mail marketing campaign - Lecture
Marketing Automation - Lecture
Definition of the workflow of an e-mail marketing campaign - Team Work

sem & online advertising

Google AdWords: Basic e strumenti - Lecture
Setting up a campaign - Lecture
Campaign management - Lecture
Creation of a campaign - Team Work

digital analytics

Digital Analytics - Lecture
Google Analytics - Lecture
Digital Analytics: Settings - Lecture
Digital Analytics: Report - Lecture

smart pr

Social Networks - Lecture
Elements of a successful Facebook Strategy - Lecture
Facebook Ads - Lecture
Creation of a Facebook campaign - Team Work